Erasmus+ & Europe

Jugend und Lebenswelt is a validated host for EVS, the european union's youth voluntary service to get abroad (EFD: europäischer Freiwilligendienst).

Our employees apply for trainings throughout Europe via Erasmus+/Salto Youth in order to perform at a higher level back at home.

We also participate in/organize youth events in cooperation with Erasmus+. Check out some pictures of our youth event in 2015:

"Move your mind - your body will follow" - a one week sports climbing training camp with participants from Finland, Germany, Austria and teenage refugees. 

It took place around the STKZ Weinburg (indoor), one of the most beautiful indoor climbing spots in Austria, the Pielach valley and the impressive Wachau area (outdoor).

Thanks to everybody for the big support, especially the Naturfreunde!